Vision of the research project:

Research and Development of Hybrid Corn Varieties for Increased Yield, Enhanced Husk and Seed Quality, and Desirable Traits Desired by Farmers, Leading to Improved Livelihoods.

Main objective of the research project:

Technological Aspect:

Utilize Efficient Methods, Both Traditional and Modern, to Develop Superior Parent and Breeding Lines for Better Hybrids, Resulting in Increased Yield and Desired Characteristics for Farmers.

Genetic Aspect:

Collect the Best Genetics Worldwide to Serve as a Source for Developing New and Improved Parent and Breeding Lines.

Product Testing Aspect:

Currently, there are three types of labs:

  1. Quality Control
  2. Double Haploid
  3. We collaborate with the state-level molecular laboratory, the third lab, to enhance accuracy and efficiency in selecting new hybrid varieties.
More than 50 million baht
has been invested in research.

The scores received from farmers

range from 1 to 10 for the following details of each variety (10 = highest, 0 = lowest).