Key To Success

Key to Success

The company has accommodated experience in developing corn seeds for a long time after study improve and develop the efficiency of seeds and crops to become great seeds for Thai Farmers. We focus on research and development of the seed species which is the heart of a seeds industry that makes a difference, and focuses on the development of the business value chain (Value chain) seed, starting from
Research and Plant Varieties
Seed Production
Condition of Processing
Marketing and Sale
Customer or Buyer
From a tiny seeds, it prosperously and steadily grows to become Golconda Asia, a manufacturer of new products under the treadmark GT which is a vendor product within the country and abroad. We has been committed to focus on given our product to the farmers which is a quality strains, finest quality of seeds, also delivery and service quality, because our products are not only seeds, but also trust and service success growing continuously.
As a company that has developed a consistent and effective products at the following. We will steadily move forward along with our customer.
In addition, the company is striving to become a center of seed manufacturer in Asia. We has increased production by construction of industrial agriculture in area that meets the standards, which is the areas that are suitable for seed production in Thailand and the countries of Southeast Asia, along with the modern tools for production processes for opportunities of seed industry in ASEAN community or AEC.