Research and Development of Corn Hybrids

Golconda Asia vision is to develop best corn hybrids to serve AEC market. We emphasize on both quality and quantity of hybrid corn seed to enhance farmers productivity. Base on corn breeding procedures, we introduced native and exotic germplasm from all possible sources observed & selected best-adapted material for further hybridization to develop elite inbreds for high potential hybrids. We are proud to be the first Thai seed company employ Double Haploid (DH) breeding technic in our research program which can shorten breeding process to obtain a corn inbred line within two seasons when compared with six to seven seasons of the conventional breeding process. This means we can develop more number of potential hybrids for testing in each year and reflex to faster launching of new hybrid into the market. As the results, Golconda Asia or GT launched series of hybrids into Thailand and AEC market such as GT 822, GT 722, GT 709 and lately GT 600, GT200.